Quality Assurance

: Assured quality manufacturing process

Total Quality Management is in the blood of KJ Steel people resulting in its reputation as the top notch producer of stainless steel products.

We recognized the importance of quality early on and have made significant investments in quality control equipments, monitoring equipments and processes for flawless perfection that is the outcome of sustained efforts rather than chance. Quality is an all encompassing process at KJ Steel and starts with the mind-set of our people. That said, each incoming material is tested and re-tested, production process is specifically categorized, processes initiated with comprehensive monitoring, data logging and analytic features at each stage covering melting, castinging, shaping, heat treatment, finishing and packaging. At each stage we have quality control processes very strictly defined and implemented as well as recorded.

There are no compromises, at whatever stage deviations are simply not accepted and the product is rejected if not within the defined parameters.

Our passion for excellence gives comfort to clients because they know they can implicitly trust us to deliver only quality.

Even the finest production facilities and equipments cannot deliver the best if not supported by quality controls and materials testing equipments and instruments. Our fanatic pursuit of excellence has led us to install extended test facilities to test virtually all parameters at all stages of manufacturing and afterwards to give full confidence and unconditional warranties