Our products

A wide range of Special & Alloy Steels is being manufactured as per National & International Standards or as per the Customer’s TDCs. The major categories of steel are:

  • Plain Carbon Steelsb

  • High Manganese Steels

  • Chrome Steels

  • Chrome Manganese Steels

  • Chrome-Moly Steels

  • Chrome-Nickel-Moly Steels

  • Chrome-Nickel Steels

  • Case Hardening & Through Hardening Steels

  • Hardening Steels

  • Ball Bearing Steels

  • Spring Steels

  • Boron Steels with Ti or Zr protected

  • Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) Steels

  • Sulphur Based Free Cutting Steelst Customized grade may be made