Steel Flat Bars

Our Steel Flat Bar is the choice of select engineering, architectural and fabrication agencies in wide ranging applications. We offer steel flats in standard as well as customized grades and dimensions for specific uses. Our steel flats are manufactured under rigorous quality control procedures using premium inputs and finished to a high level.


Size:   Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
    40 to 250 (mm) 6 to 50 (mm)
Lengths:   3 to 6 metres (or custom length as per clients requirement).
Ends of Flats:   Sharp or Round as per requirement.
Surface Finish:   Hot Rolled Annealed & Pickeled ( HRAP ) or As Rolled
Straightness:   Minimum 1 mm per meter
Supply Conditions:   Ultrasonic Tested
Free From Surface Defects and Cracks
100% Identified with Handheld Spectrometer
Packaging :     Packed in HDPE Bundles of 500 kgs, 1000 kgs or Custom Specified